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ready, fire, aim!

As you begin to tackle the various parts of your well-laid plan, you may feel as the Swains did, that you have the basics covered and are ready to leap into action, only to discover that not every detail can be anticipated. Expect the unexpected. Stay flexible, open minded – and as Ginny shows here, don’t lose your sense of humor – or your drive to realize your vision – when something goes amiss. 

is there a right size?

In most states there are limits to how big a community can be.  When High Spirit got started, the state hadn't settled on the appropriate number of residents. They reached a logical conclusion pretty much at the same time as Bob & Ginny.

importance of householders

Bob and Ginny discuss the importance of householders for your community  and how to go about finding them. High Spirit treasurer and board member Martha Bedell talks about the importance of paying good wages to your householders and treating them as professionals.

importance of parents

Bob & Ginny recognized right away how important parents are to the success of the High Spirit community.  Two sets of householders - Derek & Lesley and Matt & Liz - discuss their relationships with the parents who are entrusting them with the welfare of their family members.

Into the future - High Spirit east

Cindy & Mark Kaplan have a daughter Mira who has been in a wheelchair all her life.  At present she is at the Cotting School in Lexington MA where she is thriving.  The dreaded cut-off is fast approaching and Mark & Cindy have decided to start their own community in anticipation of Mira turning 22,  They have chosen High Spirit as their model and have even go so far as to call it High Spirit East.  High Spirit will act as they fiscal agent which will make their challenge that much more manageable.

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